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PassAppraisaL courses are purpose built revision aids to master critical appraisal skills and statistical knowledge for core psychiatric trainees. The PassAppraisaL Resource contains three topics that form the basis of a high-yield revision for the statistics/critical appraisal component of the MRCPsych paper B exam. There are numerous A4 sized revision notes available as printable PDF files throughout the course to enrich your knowledge and quicken up your revision. There are also numerous videos that deliver high-impact but simplified lectures to get you started.

We run a weekend course, 2 times a year, roughly 4 to 5 weeks before the MRCPsych Paper B exam. With PAL Tuition, you will be able to access our online Question Bank, Video Library and also download and print our 'easy-revision' pamphlets provided as PDF files. You also have the option of purchasing 4 months access to all online materials (PAL Vision).


********LATEST NEWS **********

The next PAL Tuition Course will be held on 16th (THURSDAY) and 17th (FRIDAY) March 2017 at Premier Inn, Bath Road, London Heathrow (TW6 2AB). This course is aimed at teaching you everything that you will ever need to understand statistics for MRCPsych in a small group setting (limited to 25 candidates).
BOOKING IS NOW OPEN AND WE ARE GETTING PLACES FILLED RAPIDLY. Please email [email protected] to check if places are available.

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Available courses

Tuition course is a small group teaching activity that has strictly limited places per diet. It is most suitable if you think you will do well if somebody teaches you everything you need to know about statistics and EBM for MRCPsych exam, in an one-to-one basis. Plus you will get 6 months access to the critical appraisal resources (videos, QBank + PDF notes). COST: £549 VENUE: Premier Inn, London Heathrow, Bath Road, TW6 2AB.
(For March 2017 course please note that the places are now getting rapidly filled. Please write to [email protected] to check for availability)
PassAppraisaL Vision gives you 4 months access to Video Lectures (24 short lectures covering all High Yield MRCPsych critical appraisal topics). These lectures are condensed from the popular 2-days Tuition Course conducted by Dr. Lena Palaniyappan, focussed on MRCPsych paper B exams. This is the best option if you prefer focused tutoring, crisp lectures for self-study to complement your MCQ/EMI practice. COST: £199 via Paypal only (This course is also available via SPMM website)

The PassAppraisaL Resource contains three topics that form the basis of a high-yield revision for MRCPsych paper 3 exam. Resource is a treasure cove of all QuickRevise guides and practice MCQs/EMIs. You will get the Resources if you purchase either Vision or Tuition courses. (You cannot enroll for Resources as a standalone course).